Amacci Shoes Tahiti with Boho Straps

Amacci Tahiti Sandals with Boho Straps.
3-in-one, wear only the sandals, the Boho Straps or both together.

20 colors are available and a lot of color customization in the HUD.
From June 18th to July 1st at Cosmopolitan Event  and after that at Amacci Maintstore

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AMACCI Summer Sale!

To celebrate the start of the summer and a successful relocation of the mainstore, Amacci is having a huge Summer SALE on everything at the mainstore for one full week.

50% off between June 11th and June 17th 2018.

Pay full price and get instant refund of 50%!


Happy summer everyone!


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Shoe GIFTS – Amacci @ Midnight Madness

Starting midnight Saturday 12.00 am (Friday night into Saturday) June 9th-2018, Amacci will participate in Monthly Midnight Madness (MMM) with two Gifts. First out is the Samara high sandals in  an exclusive color combination never sold before , and then the 2nd round starts at 12 am Saturday noon June 9th with another color of Samara sandals!

Each round has a limited supply of exclusive gifts (1.500 pieces each) that will not be sold after the event. They will be GIFTED to you through the MMM boards. Group members of Monthly Midnight Madness will just have to click the board after they go live, and receive the gifts as long as there are still supply available.

If the limited gift runs out or if you were not available to come and grab the gifts, you will have a second chance on Sunday June 10th for 24 hours, when you can buy each gift for a very low cost of 25 lindens each if you wear the Amacci Group tag. (50 lindens without the group)

Next to the MMM boards you can also buy add on color pack HUDs for the shoes for a special price, please note that shoes are NOT included in those sets of colors, you will need to have the Samara shoes for them to work.

To be able to take the gifts, you will have to stay below 50 Avatar Rendering Cost, Arc.

Check out MMM Blog for the other participating stores and read about all the schedules and rules.

SLURL Amacci  

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Amacci has moved – New location

After 10 years with an owned region, I decided to  move Amacci main store to a shared region in June 2018.

It was not with an easy heart I left the region that I have had for such a long time, but the changes of Second Life with more events and collaborations, makes it a good reason to share a region with other designers.
Together we are stronger, which is also the name of the new region – Together –

Happy news is that Amacci does not only have a new store build, but I also have a Home & Decor store, ‘Also Known As’, as a neighbor and friend in the region.

Together we will do our best to offer you great quality products, good customer support and have our own events. Our goal is to make it a nice friendly environment for you to come back to again and again.

We hope to see you all there!

Amacci Main Store Location

Also Known As Store Location

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E2V Vendor system retirement – Amacci

The sad news of the retirement of E2V Vendor System on May 31 2018 came today. It is the vendor system used at Amacci, which means that we unfortunately have to migrate to another vendor system before the end of May.

At the moment I don’t know if it will be possible to transfer any store credit to the new system. As I cannot make any promises that the store credit will be transferred, I kindly ask my customers to think about using the Store Credits before May 15th, in case that the credits will be lost. We plan to start the migration around May 15th.

I also suggest to make a redelivery of purchased products (purchased after 2015) to have a back up of them. Redeliveries from E2V will not be possible after May 31 2018. I don’t know yet if it will be possible to transfer redeliveries to the new system. Another idea is to make a screenshot of your redeliver transaction webpage including your name and keep it stored in case you need it later on.

Gift Card sales will be on hold for now, and they will not be sold until the new system is up and running, and I strongly encourage everyone with a Gift Card from Amacci to redeem it as soon as possible.

You can still send a gift directly from the vendor or through SL Marketplace.

Link to Redeem Gift Cards, Check Store Credits and Redeliver products: Amacci 

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, and of course for myself I’m not happy about all the extra work and trouble it will cause. But I will do my best to find a new good vendor system, and make sure the migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

<3 Carina Larsen

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Amacci at Shoetopia

Two new pair of shoes from Amacci at Shoetopia – Aegina and Cypris! Both with a lovely touch of spring/summer feeling. The event opens today, April 2nd 2018.

Cypris is a cute sandal that includes two versions, for flat feet and high feet where you tip-toe walk. It is sold in packs of 5 colors, or a fat pack with all 20 colors, convenient in a HUD to change colors. Metal color change also in the HUD. Made to fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink High and Flat feet.

Aegina is a high cork wedge sandal and comes with a HUD for easy reloloring of wedge (7 colors) and metals (5 colors). It also has toe rings which can be shown or hidden individually by the HUD.

Aegina is sold in two color pack or in a fat pack with all 20 colors included. The fat pack has the colors in a HUD and with that you can mix and match colors of shoes and flowers. Made to fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink high.

SLURL Shoetopia

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Amacci Necklace, Ring & Earrings – Zappi

Zappi is a new full set of jewelry with a Necklace, Ring and Earrings. Buy each piece individual or the full set with discount.

Zappi  comes with hud in 5 Metal colors, where you can mix & match three different parts of the jewelry.

The ring is Rigged for Maitreya Lara, Slink and Vista Pro hands, also an unrigged modify version included. You will get both a version for Left hand and the Right hand.

Demos are available for free.

Available at Cosmopolitan March 26th to April 7th, after that it will be for sale at Amacci main store.

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Amacci Neck Pose HUD – Update Pose others included

I have received soooo many positive comments about the HUD , that only a few days after the release, I decided to add one more feature!

An extra HUD for posing others is now included. Just click and pick an avatar close to you, if they say yes to be animated, you can play the 31 natural neck poses on them too, while they still keep their pose from any pose stand (except head and neck which will be overridden). This is a perfect tool for photographers working with models or clients as you can fine tune the pose till perfection. Of course, the same can be done on yourself from the Neck Pose self HUD.

Amacci Neck Pose HUD includes 31 great looking natural head positions where you can quickly add one with just a click.  Use the intuitive Neck Pose chart to click between the 31 neck poses, and find the one you like the best.

The HUD works as an add-on to any other pose you are playing on yourself, or others if you are using the “Pose others HUD”. It does not require sitting or standing on something to work. Which mean you can pose you normal do on a pose stand, and then use the HUD as an add-on to fine tune the head position the way you want!

Watch the great video from Queen of ink to see how it works.
Or watch this awesome video from Sasy. Thank you both for making them!

DEMO available at store


Available at Amacci Main store and at Marketplace

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Amacci Neck Pose HUD – 31 Neck poses

Have you ever wanted to take a photo with a pose that you love, but the head is either looking the wrong way or the neck has a weird angle to it? Maybe you have used time consuming animation add-on tools just to make the head turn the way you want.

Now there is a quick fix for that!

Amacci Neck Pose HUD includes 31 great looking natural head positions where you can quickly add one with just a click.  Use the intuitive Neck Pose chart to click between the 31 neck poses, and find the one you like the best.

Also watch the video from Queen of ink to see how it works.

DEMO available at store

You can turn it ON or OFF with the slider button to compare with the original Neck pose.

The HUD can be minimized, and still keeps the last Neck Pose.
It can also be turned ON or OFF in minimized mode.

Available at Amacci Main store and at Marketplace

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Gift Card SALE at Amacci 50% off

All gift cards at Amacci will be at 50% off between December 20 and the 25th 2017!

This is a perfect time to pick one or more up for Christmas as they are transferable and will make a perfect gift! Of course you can also keep them for yourself and use later on to take advantage of the great sale price.

Available values:   250 L$, 500 L$, 1000 L$, 2000 L$, 3000 L$, 5000 L$

You will find the Gift cards close to the landing area at Amacci mainstore.

To use the Gift card you click the Redeem Gift Card sign, and exchange it to store credit.

Store credits cannot be used or earned for Amacci’s products at Marketplace. Also the products at Amacci Outlet and Pose & Animation store are excluded from credit purchase and earning for now as I don’t have a way to include the pose vendors to the system.

Do not redeem a card you want to give away as it will go into your own store credit balance. Give the card as a gift, and let him or her redeem it.

SLURL Amacci:

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