Amacci at Pose Fair 2010

Pose Fair 2010 has opened today and will run until April 16th!

For the Fair I have made one new AO and one new set of model poses.

First we have the AO – Amacci Posh AO, it is a  carefully designed Animation Override for females, with 25 poses and animations. Priced 600L$ (individual poses/animations 75-100L$)

Included in the AO is:
Static poses: 5 stands (both typing and non typing version included in the full set), 3 Ground sits, 3 Sits
Animated poses: 2 walks, run, crouch, crouch walk, fly, fly up, fly down, hover, fly slow, pre jump, jump, landing, falling


Also new for the fair, Amacci Female Model Poses Set 7, the poses can be bought in a packet or individually. (75L$ each / 600L$  for 12)


Amacci’s booth is straight ahead from the landing spot (nose pointing to the East, walk/fly/crawl to the outer booth circle, in the middle of the east border… sort of… )

SLURL to the Pose Fair:  Shisei/240/120/21)

Carina Larsen

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