Makeup Tattoos

I’ve made some Makeup Tattoos for you. The makeup tattoo can be worn on top of any skin, to enhance the makeup and provide an personalized look for you.
The Makeup Tattoo needs SL viewer 2.0 and up to work! There are also 3rd party viewers that will work with these tattoo layers.

  • Teeth Tattoos – 6 different teeth tattoos with partered lips
  • Eyelash Tattoos – 6 different eyelash tattoos
  • Puckered Lips – just a tad of color that gives you  puckered lips, fits several skin (10 colors)
  • Irina Lips – Full lips to go with Amacci Irina or Giselle skin (10 colors)
  • Shiny Lips – shiny lips without sharp edges, fits several skin (10 colors)
  • Frosted Lips – frosted lips without sharp edges, fits several skin (10 colors)

All these tattoos are also available at the Amacci store at SL Marketplace . The link goes directly to the Make-up category.

Welcome to the store to try a free demo of the makeup tattoos!

SLURL: Amacci, Amacci (130, 70, 23)
Carina Larsen

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