Amacci in Moolto sister hunt – Jewelry set

We are participating in Moolto Sister Hunt!

You will find Amacci’s gift for Moolto Sister Hunt,   MARCH 1st -31st, in a white Moolto bag hidden somewhere at Amacci sim.
Hint: “Wait, we can’t go yet, I need to put on some more lipstick”

The prize is a Dalejo Necklace and Earrings in sugalite.

To be able to receive the gift, you’ll need to do two things:

(paste on the chat that link and click on it – then hit JOIN)
Ensure that you wear the tag throughout all the Hunt to receive your gifts.

2 –  Then wear the MOOLTO MAGIC GLASSES and again keep them
throughout the entire Hunt, because without them you won’t be able to SEE your gift!

If you don’t have a copy of the Moolto MAGIC Glasses pick them up here
or from any ‘’ Kiosks inworld inside the hunt box, one kiosk is placed at the landing of Amacci sim.

There are many more designers participating in the hunt. List of the locations (SLURL):
Go through all the locations with tag on your head and glasses

When you receive the gift… you will receive too a notecard with a hint on
where will be next HUNT BOX on the next location of the list.

SLURL: Amacci, Amacci (125/125/23)

Welcome and join the hunt!

Carina Larsen

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