Amacci Skin – Nuiko

One new skin line from Amacci made for the “Around the World event”! Meet the sweet Asia inspired Nuiko in a new skin color – Pearl!

The skin and shape will be sold only at the fair during the event, for two weeks, then it will be available at Amacci mainstore.

Nuiko comes with 12 different sets of makeup. You can buy each of them separately or in a fat-pack. If you get the fat-pack, the shape Niina will be included (modifiy).

For each makeup you’ll get:

  • – 2 skins per makeup: – one basic – one with teeth
  • – 2 extra skins with no makeup (Clear) is included with each makeup pack for Nuiko!

Plus: –  2 extra Cleavage tattoo –  Small Chest tattoo   –  4 Eyebrow shapes

AND:  10 Lipstick tattoos + one teeth tattoo!

Also new is a shape to go with Nuiko skin – Niina. Niina shape is made to fit standard size S and size M for Mesh clothings.

To make it easier and also save a lot of lindens you can buy the special pack with a complete avatar.

This package includes the ** Complete Avatar ** – that is everything in the picture. You will get Niina shape (Modify), Nuiko Skin (Pearl) no 02, Look eyes in Night, Mao Hair in Black Coal and Amore Lingerie in Blue. This is a convenient way to quickly get a new style!

SLURL Amacci at Around the World: Westfield 45, 154

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