New Skin Oleana with Black Friday 50% discount

One new cute skin with freckles in the store… meet Oleana!

Amacci is participating in the Skin Addiction Black Friday Weekend.

Starting now and ending on Nov 25th, group members of Skin Addiction will get a special discount ( at least 25% off ) on marked down selected skins from participating brands.

To be able to receive the discount you must join or already be a member of Skin Addiction group, and wear that tag.  When you go to purchase a discounted skin, you will first pay FULL PRICE, and be REFUNDED the difference as long as you are wearing the Skin Addiction tag. There is a Skin Addiction group joiner next to the skin Oleana.

Amacci is offering a special pack of a new skin “Oleana” with 50% discount for Skin Addicts members during Black Friday.

This is a special pack is made just for the weekend with Oleana Skin in Nutmeg with a soft day makeup. The packet includes:

2 skins: One plain and one with freckles!

Plus: –  2 Cleavage tattoos –  Small Chest tattoo   –  4 Eyebrow shapes – Blond eyebrow tattoo – Hairbase tattoo

AND:  10 Lipstick tattoos

PLUS – I have included in the pack for this special event: – Amacci Ophelia Shape (copy, no mod, made to fit standard size M for Mesh clothings) – Amacci Look Eyes Sage – Amacci Hair attachment Nena in Hazelnut(New!)

It’s a bargain even without the discount, and with the 50% discount from Skin Addiction group – wow, what a great deal!

Welcome to Amacci to try the free demo

SLURL: Amacci, Amacci (130, 70, 23)

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