Amacci Collar Willa

Willa Collar is a cute collar style that comes with a heart tag and tag lines. With the HUD you can change the colors of the collar, there are 7 band colors, 7 metal colors and 7 tag background colors to choose from. The ring on the collar can be shown or hidden.

With a HUD you can change the tag line text into 15 different preset texts. Further more, you can purchase additional text packs to suit your need or mood. More text packs will be added, let me know if you have any suggestions of text you want to add.

Of course the choker is fully modifiable so that you can add your own scripts inside or tint it for your own color choice, they also come with a resize script by click.

You will also receive an Open Collar six scripted version of the collar.

Demo is available.

SLURL Amacci

Also available at marketplace: Willa Collar

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