Amacci Neck Pose HUD – 31 Neck poses

Have you ever wanted to take a photo with a pose that you love, but the head is either looking the wrong way or the neck has a weird angle to it? Maybe you have used time consuming animation add-on tools just to make the head turn the way you want.

Now there is a quick fix for that!

Amacci Neck Pose HUD includes 31 great looking natural head positions where you can quickly add one with just a click.  Use the intuitive Neck Pose chart to click between the 31 neck poses, and find the one you like the best.

Also watch the video from Queen of ink to see how it works.

DEMO available at store

You can turn it ON or OFF with the slider button to compare with the original Neck pose.

The HUD can be minimized, and still keeps the last Neck Pose.
It can also be turned ON or OFF in minimized mode.

Available at Amacci Main store and at Marketplace

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