Amacci Neck Pose HUD – Update Pose others included

I have received soooo many positive comments about the HUD , that only a few days after the release, I decided to add one more feature!

An extra HUD for posing others is now included. Just click and pick an avatar close to you, if they say yes to be animated, you can play the 31 natural neck poses on them too, while they still keep their pose from any pose stand (except head and neck which will be overridden). This is a perfect tool for photographers working with models or clients as you can fine tune the pose till perfection. Of course, the same can be done on yourself from the Neck Pose self HUD.

Amacci Neck Pose HUD includes 31 great looking natural head positions where you can quickly add one with just a click.  Use the intuitive Neck Pose chart to click between the 31 neck poses, and find the one you like the best.

The HUD works as an add-on to any other pose you are playing on yourself, or others if you are using the “Pose others HUD”. It does not require sitting or standing on something to work. Which mean you can pose you normal do on a pose stand, and then use the HUD as an add-on to fine tune the head position the way you want!

Watch the great video from Queen of ink to see how it works.
Or watch this awesome video from Sasy. Thank you both for making them!

DEMO available at store


Available at Amacci Main store and at Marketplace

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