Amacci has moved – New location

After 10 years with an owned region, I decided to  move Amacci main store to a shared region in June 2018.

It was not with an easy heart I left the region that I have had for such a long time, but the changes of Second Life with more events and collaborations, makes it a good reason to share a region with other designers.
Together we are stronger, which is also the name of the new region – Together –

Happy news is that Amacci does not only have a new store build, but I also have a Home & Decor store, ‘Also Known As’, as a neighbor and friend in the region.

Together we will do our best to offer you great quality products, good customer support and have our own events. Our goal is to make it a nice friendly environment for you to come back to again and again.

We hope to see you all there!

Amacci Main Store Location

Also Known As Store Location

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