Amore Lingerie Set

Amacci starts making clothes!
First out is a carefully crafted and handpainted lingerie set in 8 beautiful colors.


The * Amore * Lingerie set contains:
Bra (2 layers)
Briefs (2 layers)
Thong (2 layers)
2 pair of Stockings
Garter Belt
Garter Belt + Briefs together

~~~ New Release Discount on the Amore Lingerie set in Green! ~~~
Please note, it is only for a few days and just the Green colored set.  Pay 100 L$ and save 175 L$!

The sets can be bought in single colors or in discounted 4-packs. (275L$ single/650L$ 4-pack)



The lingerie sets are also available on SLX

Review Copies
Review copies will be handed out. Send me a notecard with your SL name together with a link to the publication, blog or your flickr site if you are interested in this lingerie.

Hope you will like wearing the lingeries as much as I enjoyed making them!

SLURL: Amacci, Amacci (200, 65, 22)
Carina Larsen

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