About Amacci


Welcome to the blog of Amacci!

Amacci is a business that operates in the Second Life virutal world and is run by me, Carina Larsen.

Amacci creates and sells HAIR, Skins, Shapes, Jewelry, Poses and Animations and a very large selection of dramatic Eyes.

The Amacci blog is regularly updated with announcements, new releases and full-color photos of our latest products.



Amacci Main Store Location:
You can visit Amacci in Second Life by clicking on this link:
SLURL: Amacci (125, 125, 24)

You can also tp directly to some departments by using the SLURL’s below:

Hair Store: SLURL: Amacci (178, 125, 24)

Skins & Shapes: SLURL: Amacci (126, 71, 24)

Poses & Animations: SLURL: Amacci (71, 126, 24)


In December 2007, I began creating sets of Avatar eyes to sell in SL. I opened a small store and “InSight Eyes” was born. The eyes were a success and soon there were over 100 pairs of eyes in this store.

Later on, I added to my shop by making shapes and poses. I opened a second store named “InSight Design” for those products, but was never quite happy with that name.

With the rapid expansion of the Amacci product line, in June 2008 it was time to update the name of the store. “InSight Design” had become “Amacci”. On September 1, 2008, the region name was changed from “Carina” to “Amacci”.