Information about the color change HUD that comes with some of the Hair sold at Amacci. It is used to retexture or recolor some parts of the hair (streaks) or some other objects attached to the hair, like ribbons, hats or bands.

If the HUD doesn’t work, please make sure that:

  • you are in an area that allows scripts to be used
  • you are using the HUD that comes with that hair, each hair style has its own HUD
  • you are using the scripted hair, not the standard version that sometimes is sold together with a streaked version
  • you can also try to reset the scripts in the HUD by right click on the HUD on the screen, choose Edit to select it, and then go to the menu on the top of your viewer and choose “Build/ Scripts / Reset scripts” i you are on the standard SL viewer, and ” ” if you are on Phenix.

If you can’t see the HUD at all, please make sure that the HUD is not outside the screen which can happen for different reasons, like viewer resolution. You can solve it by first detach it (right click the HUDs name in your inventory and then take “Detach”) Then you have to attach again, try another HUD positon to see if it works better for you (right click the HUDs name in inventory and choose “Attach to HUD”, and choose one empty spot) It can be moved with the standard SL editing tools.

The HUD can attach to the screen rotated, then you will have to use the SL editing tools to rotate it back, or try to position it at the correct HUD placement, top left. The correct value of the HUDs rotation is X: 0.00, Y: 90.00, Z: 0.00 You can change to that by right click the HUD, choose edit, and under Object tab, you will find the boxes for Rotation.

If you run into any problem with your HUD you can always take a new from the same DEMO hair of the hairstyle, or send an IM to Carina Larsen about replacement.