Gift Cards

Gift cards make perfect gifts as they are transferable!
Available values:   250 L$, 500 L$, 1000 L$, 2000 L$, 3000 L$, 5000 L$
You will find the Gift cards close to the landing area at Amacci mainstore.

How to buy a Gift card from Amacci

  1.  Left Click on the Gift card value you would like to buy
  2.  Answer ‘yes’ that you want to buy a gift card, in the blue pop up menu
  3.  Click ‘Accept’ in the next blue pop up menu
  4.  Find the Gift card in your inventory (look in Recent folder), wear it by right click on it and choose ‘Add’
    Obs – The gift card is not yet paid or activated so you need to proceed with the next step for it to work.
    IF it takes too long time, the system may time out and you will have to delete the card and start over again.
  5.  Pay the Gift card vendor where you see ‘Ready for payment. Customer name “your name”
  6.  After the payment you will get a chat message that the card is now activated and ready to use.
  7.  You can use it yourself by redeem it, or detach it and save it for later use, or give it away. Do not redeem it if you want to give it away!

—–> Please note <—-

Gift cards and store credits cannot be used for purchases at Marketplace or at Amacci Outlet or Pose & Animation store.

Gift cards cannot be refunded, or exchanged for lindens.

After the Gift card has been redeemed, the credits are locked to one avatar and cannot be transfered. Any transfer has to be made BEFORE the redeem.


How to Use a Gift card from Amacci

To use the Gift card from Amacci, it first has to be redeemed (exchanged) into store credits that can be used to buy products at Amacci through the vendor system.

Once a gift card is redeemed, it cannot be transfered to another person.

You do not have to use the store credit right away and all at one time, it can be saved for later use.

************* How to Redeem a Gift Card ************

To redeem your gift card into store credits, just simply follow these steps

  1. Go to the ‘Redeem a Gift Card sign’ at Amacci mainstore near the landing point.
  2. Find your gift card in your inventory and wear it by right click on it and choose ‘Add’
  3. Touch the ‘Redeem Gift Card’ button. Choose ‘Redeem’ from the blue menu.
  4. The gift card worth will be added to your store credit, and the gift card is now inactive and can be detached and deleted.

*********** How to check your store credits ***********

Touch the ‘Store Credit Terminal’ near Amacci mainstore landing point to find out your store credit balance.

The balance can be increased anytime by adding lindens through the ‘Store Credit Terminal’ . That can be good if you need to add some extra credits to purchase an item the store credit alone is not enough for.

************ How to use your store credits ***********

  1.  Touch the vendor you want to make a purchase from
  2. Click ‘Use Credit’ from the blue menu
  3. Answer ‘Yes’ to ‘Would you like to buy this item for xx L$ in store credits?’ if you want to use your credits to buy the product.
  4. Your product is now being delivered to you and the amount has been deducted from your store credit balance.