Double purchases will be refunded. Please send your transaction info to Carina Larsen.

There are no refunds for products, since you can copy what you buy in order to back up your purchase(s) before making changes to them.

SL can occasionally have a delivery failure. If that happens, your items from Amacci vendor system can be redelivered by clicking a Redeliver sign for a link to re-delivery. Purchases from the Outlet and Pose & Animation store are not included in the vendor system, contact Carina Larsen for re-delivery of those products.

I don’t accept custom orders, however, I’ll happily accept wishes and suggestions for new hair styles or other products that I develop.


Gifts can be sent through Marketplace, or by left clicking the vendors and choose ‘Buy Gift’.

There are also Gift Cards available at Amacci.


To view your avatar the best way possible, you’ll need to use a custom windlight setting instead of the default SL light (environment). You can change the lightening settings in “World/Environmental Settings/Environmental Editor” to make your screen look brighter.

Changes you make to these settings do not change the way other people see you.  The settings only change the way you look on your screen.  Therefore,  many people use a face light to brighten up their faces.

You can get a free Amacci soft face light from the hair and skin room of the Amacci store.

You can find some nice tutorials about windlight settings on the Internet:

Gogo’s windlight tutorial

Contact Carina Larsen if you have any questions.